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  • Mr Sisir Chandra Jonna on “Smart and affordable automation for agriculture.”
  • Mr Kuruvilla Joseph on “Mangosteen cultivation, economics and marketing techniques.”
  • Mr Kiran HB on “Rose cultivation and marketing opportunities.”
  • Wing Commander M. Jeyakumar on “Drone is one of the latest technological developments to enhance profitability in the farming sector.”
  • Dr Manoj M. Sharma on “Blue Revolution – A success story of shrimp farming in Gujarat.”
  • Ms Prachi Yadav on “Export of agriculture products.”
  • AR Ganesh Reddy on “Dragon fruit cultivation-economics and marketing”
  • Dr Mam Singh on “Business opportunities in Lilium flower cultivation.”
  • Dr P. Chowdappa on “Ultra-high density in mango for enhancing profitability”
  • Dr Chandra Kiran Sant on “Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Dairy Sector”

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